HOMICIDE LULLABIES - A Collection of Adult Horror Stories

A shroud of mystique haunts the Horror Stories inside Homicide Lullabies, as we have forged together an Anthology shrieking with obscurity. With daunting themes from psychological dissociation, to the mysterious pathways found in the strangest of places.

Featuring Horror Stories from writers from across the western world, Homicide Lullabies incorporates a broad segment of nightmarish tales with crippling plot twists and harrowing cliff-hangers.

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THE EROGENOUS SCRIPTS - A Collection of Erotic Short Stories

Rich in both intensity and suspense, The Erogenous Scripts is a ravenous
collection of raunchy short stories from erotica writers all over the
Western world. This collection of erotic short stories is rife with
sensual encounters, domineering story lines and seemingly innocent
exploration. For the avid reader of unpredictable, mischievous
erotica, The Erogenous Scripts incorporates every scenario imaginable.

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JOYFUL TRAGEDIES - A Collection of Poetry

From the crippling realities of emotional loss, to the unparalleled
joy found in a new love, Joyful Tragedies incorporates the best of
both worlds. Joyful Tragedies is an anthology crafted with the passions
of emotive poetry. Featuring the exploration found in the freedom
of love, the loss of dear family members, the beauty of nightfall,
the excitement of planning adventures with a new partner and so much more.

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NIGHTMARE MASSACRE - A Collection of Disturbing
Horror Stories

From terrifyingly chilling tales of first-hand perspectives, to the agonising
suspense of hoping to make it out alive, Nightmare Massacre incorporates
an inviting yet gruesome combination of horror stories from all over the
world. The perfect book for a cold winter’s night, read along as you
become engrossed in the dread of disturbing horror.

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SCREECH - A Collection of Paranormal Stories

From the unspeakable acts of necromancy, to a malicious spirit seeking retribution from beyond the grave, 'Screech' is the very first of its kind - pushing the boundaries of disturbing, skin-crawling horror. Many stories within these pages are written from a first-hand perspective, providing a paranormal edge to the fear-factor that horror fans know and admire. 'Screech' is a collection of paranormal stories which range from the hauntingly unquestionable supernatural, to the unbearable struggle between nightmare and reality. 'Screech' maintains its impact during daytime reading on public transport, as well as ensuring you'll feel as though someone is watching you while you sleep.

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SCARRED - A Collection of Creepy Bedtime Stories for Adults

Dishevelled by the actions of her father, a woman makes a bargain with a malevolent
demon who requires a reluctant sacrifice. Scarred features some of the most truly original paranormal and supernatural horror stories.

As well as being perfect bedtime reading, Scarred maintains its impact during the day. Ideal for horror fans looking for something new and disturbingly memorable.

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