CATHARTIC SCREAMS – What to Expect from our Next Release



In continuing and advancing our production of horror based anthologies, we at Severance Publications have taken a more personalised approach to author awareness.

Our recent Paranormal Horror Competition drew in a considerable interest from authors across Europe and the Americas. From Halloween based cannibalism, to the eerie, engaging supernatural alternate realities, this has truly been one of the more intriguing competitions.

Alongside our renowned business model of author promotion, we advertised this competition in a comparatively unique fashion. The winner, in addition to receiving the first position in the anthology, is to have a tailored blog post written for them, detailing their writing career to date and their existing publishing credits.

We have consolidated a unique anthology oozing with suspense with prevailing themes which are ordinarily unseen in mainstream horror collections. Those writers and readers who’ve been with us since the start are perfectly aware that we enjoy pushing the boundaries of moral acceptability in literature – bringing the reader niche collections in each organised edition.

In line with our previous releases, we have assembled a collection of horror stories which collectively push the moral boundaries of the mainstream, providing a consistently suspenseful edition. Cathartic Screams has been crafted chosen and crafted in a manner which is expertly suited for late-night reading, as well as maintaining its terrifying realism during the day.

Cathartic Screams

A Long Way Home – Denice Penrose
As a terrified woman makes her way home at night, she enters her house only to find another family living there. As her terror is pushed to its threshold, a chilling twist reveals much more.

Craven A – Katherine Mezzacappa
Stricken by the memories of a violent ex-boyfriend, a mother descends into psychotic episodes after visual cues begin appearing. Though it appears the living are the ones truly out to get her.

Deadly Lucid Dreams – Claudia Schönberger
Suffering from repetitive lucid dreams, a young girl is forced to admit her true identity as the people she loves hang in the balance.

Late Again – Martin Halliday
After promising his wife and kids he’d make it home for Christmas eve, a man decides to take a shortcut through the forest. As he approaches his home, a malicious encounter calls his mortality in to question, with a remarkable twist.

Mannerley – Robbie Porter
After travelling to Buckingham to investigate a Norman crypt, an architectural journalist discovers more about the mysterious Lady Sybil, with dire consequences.

Nevermore – Dave Burnham
A tyrannical father of supreme wealth exerts a stranglehold over his daughter Isabella. Choosing a suitor of the peasant class, he forbids her to see him. After having his staff detain the man, the couple can no longer elope, their lovelorn mentality consumes them. An ethereal conversation reveals far more to the story.

Old Ghouls – Jason Purdy
An isolated writer is plagued by a spectre, drawing nearer every time he stops writing. Eventually befriending someone with the same problem, the two begin to understand the impossibility of avoiding their miserable fate.

Raging Like the Devil – Carol Stone
After murdering his wife and placing her corpse within the fireplace walls, a man is haunted by her cries and taunts, ending with a mutual bargain.

Reanimated Horror – Michael Andrews
A first hand account of a man turned killer by his homicidal father. Beginning with animals, his progressive degenerate behaviour leads him to pick up hitchhikers, though someone steps in to fix the problem.