SCARRED – A Collection of Creepy Bedtime Stories for Adults

What to expect from our next anthology


From the ulterior motives of a psychopathic security guard, to a group of paranormal investigators receiving more than they bargained for, Scarred is the pinnacle of disturbing horror.

Dishevelled by the actions of her father, a woman makes a bargain with a malevolent demon who requires a reluctant sacrifice. Scarred features some of the most truly original paranormal and supernatural horror stories.

As well as being perfect bedtime reading, Scarred maintains its impact during the day. Ideal for horror fans looking for something new and disturbingly memorable.

As with previous releases, we have ensured that Scarred is suitable for late night bedtime reading, as well as maintaining its haunting prowess during daytime reading.

Throughout the years to come, we hope to bring you further editions of Horror anthologies, as well as expanding our grounds into a mixture of major themes in literature.

Below is a list of stories featuring in Scarred with a brief description of each.

At the End of the Tracks by Jason Purdy – Stricken by his divorce, a night time railway security guard hears news of local children going missing. As his sadistic self-hatred develops, his colleague join the list of mysterious disappearances, with a disturbing twist.

Beep by Kajari Laskar – Exhausted and over-worked, a sleep deprived surgeon returns home to find a malevolent intrusive force in her apartment. Coupled with some insidious text messages, her estranged lover claims he has returned to see her, but in what form?

Bump in the Night: Episode 18 – The Black Mansion by Nick Watson – Whilst hosting a podcast session in a haunted mansion, the owner recalls the house’s history in its skin-crawling detail. Horrific stories of the owner’s grandfather trigger supernatural events. As a woman enters the house towards the end, the podcast hosts receive more than they bargained for.

My Little Katie by Summer Olmos – A young girl gifted with the ability to see and converse with ghosts is given a new responsibility as her alcoholic mother gives birth to her younger sister. Scorned by the actions of her abusive father, she seeks to make a pact with an unforgiving demon to exact vengeance – but a price must be paid.

The Fairbrethren Legacy by Paul S. Huggins – Two paranormal investigators set up their equipment in a feudalist manorial estate. With the house rumoured to hold a history of ritual group sacrifice, the investigators come face to face with a possessive entity. Meanwhile, later entrants to the story reveal a sickening twist to what was once known to be truth.

The Frost by Kristian Schultz – Incarcerated on drug and theft charges, a rebellious criminal refuses to cooperate with the police interrogator. As he slips into a hysteric episode, he witnesses a police officer killed by a consuming frost. Entombed by his own hallucinations, his regrets begin to manifest and the frost comes for him.

The Man in the Attic by Elanor Faulkner – Unbeknownst to an innocent family, a mysterious man lurks in an attic in an attempt to watch over the family. As a fiendish intruder begins to stalk the house, the man in the attic goes to gruesome lengths to protect the family.

The Premonition by Antony Lazarus – A man awakens from an intricately terrifying nightmare of an ethereal being feasting on the souls of the townsfolk. In his delusional hysteria, he seeks to desperately convince the locals that this nightmare was a premonition – but which is nightmare and which is reality?

The Pull by Christopher Sherwood – On the eve of his wife’s death, a man living in a converted lighthouse agrees to look after his grandson. Reports of someone lost at sea arouse suspicion from the police. The vast expanses of the ocean begin to turn malevolent and claim the life of another.



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