Halloween Short Story Competition

An alternative edge to the paranormal


Three years ago, armed with an extensive reach into the horror market, we at Severance Publications began our journey to find undiscovered authors and formulate collaborations in order to bring their work to a large reading base – giving their names and their work some much needed exposure. In 2017, an author would be hard-pressed to find a traditional publisher or literary agent who would give them the time of day if they had no prior publications or credits; very few smaller publishers were bridging the gap between undiscovered and multi-nationally published. With our manifesto fresh in mind, we found ourselves reading some exquisitely unconventional short stories which shared the same underlying theme of disturbing paranormal horror. Today, with some truly unique publications to boast of, we are proud to have a plethora of talented fiction writers interested in our processes.

Over the last year, we have been exploring diverse avenues of the horror genre in order to bring a new breed of horror anthologies to the market. We have previously incorporated a range of short stories bordering on the extreme – from necromancy to serial murder.

We previously featured some genuinely original work from authors such as ‘100 Half-Minute Tales of Horror’ by Olivia Ellis, which is quite honestly as the title suggests, to stories such as ‘Like Pine’ by Jason Purdy, which truly make the reader feel as though they are stuck in the character’s plight.

Our expansion into sub genres such as Paranormal and Supernatural has attracted entries from all over the world, leading to the creation of anthologies with an array of storylines previously unheard of. The general feedback from our readers regarding our last three anthologies has been inspiring. Our horror narrations on YouTube receive nothing but praiseworthy responses. We hope to continue the expansion of our range and bring something different to the otherwise repetitive, predictable nature in the world of fiction.

Paranormal CreepyPasta Horror Supernatural

Some of our more ardent followers will have noticed that we have recently been extending our horror narration programme, choosing more than one of our winning contributors from each anthology for a frightening narration, delivered by Creepy Pasta veteran TheCreepyDark.

In continuing our long ambition to push the moral boundaries in the literature industry, we will soon be advertising a writing competition in which we are seeking horror stories of a menacing and alternative nature, whilst focusing on the theme of paranormal/supernatural. If our previous competitions are anything to go by, we greatly look forward to the one of a kind entries.

If this seems of interest to you, we have a fairly modest deadline of December 15th 2017. At which point you can follow the link which we will make public before Halloween to enter your story/stories into our competition. Simply ensure that you have followed the guidelines on the competition page. The competition page can be viewed here