DEPRAVITY – A Collection of Supernatural Horror Stories

What to expect from our Supernatural Release

From the first hand perspective of a killer’s victim, to helping a spirit solve their own
gruesome murder, ‘Depravity’ is the very first of its kind – pushing the boundaries of
disturbing, skin-crawling, supernatural horror.

Many stories within these pages are original supernatural concepts, providing a
paranormal edge to the fear-factor that horror fans know and admire.

Depravity is one of the first of its kind, incorporating a sensible mixture of storylines to deliver suspense and intrigue. As such, the writing style of each individual author has been included with in line with its original intention.

As with previous releases, we have ensured that Depravity is suitable for late night bedtime reading, as well as maintaining its haunting prowess during daytime reading.

Throughout the years to come, we hope to bring you further editions of Horror anthologies, as well as expanding our grounds into a mixture of major themes in literature.

Below is a list of stories featuring in Depravity with a brief description of each.

Depravity Supernatural Horror Creepypasta

Reena Bohjwani – Patient
The daughter of a doctor becomes fascinated with a doll. As her amateur experiments continue, it appears that the doll itself may be developing sentience.

Michelle Perry – Dandelions
After developing a friendship with a discarnate entity, a night shift security worker helps to solve the mystery of her mysterious murder, with disturbing consequences.

Morgan Marisa – A Dark Hysteria
A wayward individual develops a growing hysteria after their house is broken into by a malevolent intruder.

Tylyn K. Johnson – A Story about Death as we Know it
A young boy gripped in creative writing becomes thrusted into an alternate reality where he must face death and become death’s successor as the governor of souls.

Al Vicente Riano Lisboa – Brainwashed
An enslaved prisoner succumbs to the reality that each time they attempt an escape, they wake up with a higher number assigned to them, in an endless loop.

Nicole Willson – Burying Miranda
A group of towns folk desperately attempt to lay the soul of a bitter old woman to rest, only to find they are about to receive more than they bargained for.

David George – Exposed Innocence
A young woman wakes up in a strange farm house with no recollection of how she got there. As she slowly begins to retrace her steps, she finds herself at the scene of a vicious supernatural murder.

Georgia Carr – Forevermore
After a series of child homicides, a game of chance in the shadow realm must be won in order for a couple to retain their daughter

F.A. O’Reilly – The Woman in the Water
A first hand perspective of a murderer’s victim. A watery grave is greeted with subordination to the inevitable.

Nicole Willson – The Writing on the Wall
A social outcast is given a sympathetic invite to a Halloween party. After the appearance of a Ouija board, the spirits begin to reveal a dire truth.

Joshua Fagan – Journals of an Abandoned Castle
The journals of a lecturer who visits a castle for research. As his journal entries continue, some visitors to the castle seem to alter his perspective.

Sandra Ingvarsdotter – Midsummer’s Eve
An innocent woman is hired by wealthy upper class family for babysitting and Midsummer celebrations. Ignorant to the family’s true intentions, she soon finds herself part of an intricate ritual sacrifice.

Simon Fung – Mozgu
Two scientists are assigned to a project in Mexico to examine a piece of asteroid. The locals begin to tell of stories surrounding curses and rituals, leading to death and deception.

Emily Keen – The Balloon Man
A lonely children’s entertainer with a talent for balloon animals discovers that whenever one of his balloons is popped, the child responsible dies a gruesome death – signalling denial and a never ending cycle.

Charlotte Perry – The Crimson Foal
Two girls travelling in Sweden are greeted by a friend they knew from university. Telling tales of her travels, she reveals a small horse object which appears to grant wishes. The selfishness of the girls soon land them in a situation that will haunt them forever.

Patryk Rafa Stefanowicz – The Night Watcher
A lonesome night watcher becomes increasingly terrified by the haunted text message they begin to receive, leading to receiving a picture of himself, from the perspective of someone who shouldn’t be there.

Ben Schneider – What’s in the Woods?
A man turns homicidal against his own family when his allegiance to the voices in the woods begin to conduct his unforgiving behaviour.