SCREECH – A Collection of Paranormal Stories

What to expect from our Paranormal Release


From the unspeakable acts of necromancy, to a malicious spirit seeking retribution from beyond the grave, ‘Screech’ is the very first of its kind – pushing the boundaries of disturbing, skin-crawling horror.
We at Severance Publications always seek to push the limits on what’s deemed morally acceptable in the literature business. ‘Screech’ is another major publication in that direction – this is a book you’ll struggle to put down. As with all of our publications, ‘Screech’ is crafted in such a way that it maintains its impact during daytime reading on public transport, as well as ensuring you’ll feel as though someone is watching you while you sleep.
The paranormal theme is one that permits a fair amount of diversity in its story lines. We have consolidated a collection of stories which range from the hauntingly unquestionable supernatural, to the unbearable struggle between nightmare and reality.
For all of our devoted followers on social media, we have included a list below with a brief synopsis of each story featured in ‘Screech’, in no particular order. 
Screech - A Collection of Paranormal Stories
Jamie Leung – Clownface
A first-hand account of a resurrected curse. All those who look upon the haunted painting succumb to an altered consciousness, and an even more dishevelled appearance.
Winter Witch – Dia Tucker
An intense tale in which a woman takes residence in her new home only to find that she was an offering to a malevolent spirit.
Jan Baynham – Before She Knew It
Enjoying the fruits of a new love, a young girl makes her way home after parting with her lover. All is not as it seems when a much darker side to her lover emerges, with dire consequences.
Ella Carmichael – Fun Run
A young boy named Jeff, obsessed with zombie video games, realises he is putting a strain on his parent’s marriage. After kindly consenting to join them on a fun run, it appears his skills will be needed more than ever.
Andrew Playle – I’ll Be Watching You
After being initiated into city life, a young corporate loses his job due to his cocaine habit. Feeling guilty for his dismissal, the boss slips into delusions as his former employee seeks vengeance.
Gary R. Hoffman – Jacob, The Brooks Creek Spirit Skeleton
After a series of reported events, a small community discover a malicious spirit is seeking retribution against its killers.
Kenneth Gary – The Butterfly Book
After an impromptu encounter with a strange old lady, a man is sold a book in which all entries vanish. The book eventually becomes possession of his daughter, leading to an intervention to restore balance.
Cian O’Mahoney – Do You Live Alone?
A dark, blood-stained figure enters a woman’s house convinced the blood on his clothes is hers. She makes a run for it, only to be picked up in a car by a man who looks strikingly familiar.
Roberta Howard – I’ll sleep when I’m Dead
A darkly tale of an unfortunate individual confounded by torturous nightmares, only to eventually be forced back into reality. Though it appears their perception of reality may have been the nightmare.
Letitia Bolton – The Necromancer
A devoted brother proves himself useful by fixing broken items for his family. After the untimely death of his sister, his devotion is stepped up a notch, as he seeks to reanimate her corpse.
Emily Keen – When The Truth Kills
An abused man opens up to his girlfriend with a startling admittance. He begins to retrace his steps to tell the story of maltreatment, but neglects to tell his girlfriend of the curse which may soon take her.
Jason Purdy – Like Pine
A first-hand account of a man regressing to his childhood years when he first remembers his father’s fear of something at the end of the garden. When he reaches adulthood, he implores his father to tell him the truth about the thing that’s taunted them for so long, before it’s finally too late.
Deborah Stansil – The Intruders
A lone woman awakes to hear a scratching at her bedroom door. After going downstairs to investigate, she comes across a family in her own house, leaving her to question her own existence.
Caitlin Mazur – Consumed
After being savagely burnt, a young girl discovers she has the ability to control fire – developing a new hobby at the expense of many, including her loved ones.
Evangeline Daniels – The Man by the Stream
Upon his travels in the woods, a man succumbs to nightmares of someone exploring the same mountainous woods, only to fall off the overhang. As he travels the same path of his nightmares, it appears the nightmare may have been all too real.

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