NIGHTMARE MASSACRE – What to Expect From our Next Horror Anthology

Nightmare Massacre – A Collection of Disturbing Horror Stories


Throughout the process of crafting the perfect horror anthology, it seemed only fitting that we at Severance Publications should extend our call for gruesome horror writers to an international level. The length of this horror competition may have noticeably lasted longer than some of our others, and for good reason.

For the past three months, we at Severance were working our way through judging a much bigger pile of short stories sent in from multi-continental authors, which led to some very tough decision making. Our quest for this anthology was to craft together the most beautifully terrifying collection of short stories which could be deemed appropriate for both reading in public and late night solitude. Our primary goal was to filter out those entries which painted the most engaging content, as well as an outstanding level of intensity.

We have done exactly this. Thus, in the coming weeks ‘Nightmare Massacre – A Collection of Disturbing Horror Stories’ will be available in gloss paperback and eBook format across a multitude of platforms to include expanded distribution for libraries and institutions. Nightmare Massacre is one of the first of its kind, featuring an array of dauntingly addictive tales which provide a thrilling, yet gruesomely detailed collaboration of themed horror stories.

From chilling tales of first-hand perspectives, to the antagonising suspense of hoping to make it out alive, Nightmare Massacre incorporates an inviting combination of stories from all over the world. The perfect book for a cold winter’s night, read along as you become engrossed in the dread of disturbing fear. Featuring a first in the horror genre; 40 Half Minute Tales of Horror provide an intriguingly spooky ambiance, leading onto other darkly stories where you’ll discover the forgotten door to hell, and the sadistic mind of the Grim’s assistant.

Readers can also look forward to Creepy Pasta narrations featuring some of the stories from Nightmare Massacre, through YouTube channel ‘TheCreepyDark’ extending the horror to tens of thousands of listeners worldwide. The first of the coming narrations will feature several stories from ‘40 Half Minute Tales of Horror’ which will give you an insight in what to expect from the anthology as well as ways and means of obtaining a copy for you, your friends, and family. Below is a breakdown of the stories featured in the anthology. Nightmare Massacre is a horror anthology like no other. Ideal for reading in a public place, or on your own, if you dare…

Nightmare Massacre - A Collection of Disturbing Horror Stories

40 Half-Minute Tales of Horror – Conveying a daunting level of introspection for the reader, 40 Half-Minute Tales of Horror features very short stories at varied lengths encompassing a huge variety of horror themes. From psychological to supernatural.

Siblings – A group of siblings take daily trips to the marches. Until one day, they come across an other-worldly creature with a hunger for killing. Threatened by outsiders in its habitat, the fate of the town is at stake.

The Last Thoughts of Devin McCrabbe – The haunting psychological story of a man engaged in solitude with the frequent visits of a bird at his window. Will he meet his untimely demise at the point of engagement?

Pub Quiz – A chilling story with a twist. Pub Quiz tells the story of an alcoholic who, after losing his wife and kids, succumbs to the reality of infinite repetition.

The Hunt – A helpless victim is trapped in the words, being viciously hunted down by a sadistic local. A gruesome twist will reveal all.

The Sound of a Cry – An intricately detailed nightmarish story portraying the scene of a deathly murderous night.

Kola: The Forgotten Door to Hell – A girl’s whose father was involved in a project which involved digging to the Earth’s crust is killed tragically. After finding more evidence, the girl returns to the scene with shocking results.

The Grim’s Assistant – A story written from the perspective of a young boy who had me the Grim Reaper twice. After learning of Jack the Ripper’s killings, he joins the police force to hunt him down. But who was the killer?

Static – The story of a reporter asked to formulate a documentary on local history. She has visions of a ghostly figure in the recording studio which reveals a haunting past and a worrisome conclusion.