Joyful Tragedies – Tales of Tragedy & Other Horrors

Joyful Tragedies – Tales of Tragedy & Other Horrors  


What to expect from an emotive poetry anthology 


With poetry becoming evermore of a dying art each year, we at Severance Publications took it upon ourselves to formulate an anthology depicting poetry at its very core. As every poet knows all too well, inspiration can strike at the most unlikely of times.  

From one’s own sensory outlook, we can envisage on a daily basis every form of pop culture expressionism at face value. With the ever-growing system of mass media and popular music, the dying art of poetry seems to lie dormant. Whilst one can easily suggest that sociological norms are some of the greatest forms of poetry, the written word is something that should be continuously cherished and shared for generations to come.  

Some of the most engrossing prose from over the years are those which reflect extremely strong emotional value, encouraging a great level of introspection with the reader. Joyful Tragedies was born with exactly this intention; a formulation of blissfully tragic poetry from a wide array of writers to convey the emotive power of the written word across a range of tragic themes.  

Joyful Tragedies Poetry Anthology

The aforementioned wide array of writers is certainly something the reader should keep in mind. From the crippling realities of emotional loss, to the unparalleled joy found in a new love, Joyful Tragedies incorporates the best of both worlds. Joyful Tragedies is an anthology crafted with the passions of emotive poetry. Featuring the exploration found in the freedom of love, the loss of dear family members, the beauty of nightfall, the excitement of planning adventures with a new partner and so much more.  

This collection of joyfully tragic poetry was formed by a concoction of poets from around the western world. Blissfully moving, awe inspiring and emotively structured. The ideal Christmas gift, Joyful Tragedies is the perfect anthology to carry around with you whilst in search of creative inspiration, whilst simultaneously allowing you into a passage of real empathy with each individual author, the likes of which we hope to work with again in the future.  

Joyful Tragedies will be released in paperback and eBook format across a wide range of sales channels in October 2016. We will be providing constant updates on Joyful Tragedies as well as our Horror anthology which will also be released later this year.