Severance Publications Release ‘THE EROGENOUS SCRIPTS –

A quick look at the erotica market today will soon inform you that for the most part, it mostly boasts a form of sexual bias. Many modern erotica novels and stories exert the protagonist as the authoritative, dominant; leading the reader to subversively place themselves in the position of the submissive. Whilst this is most certainly culturally relative, we believe fundamentally that through a realistically constructed erotica competition, we can create an anthology of erotica stories we feel the market currently lacks: important attributes of diverse story lines and gender neutral characteristics.

Erotica Stories - The Erogenous Scripts


Rich in both intensity and suspense, The Erogenous Scripts is a ravenous collection of raunchy short stories from erotica writers all over the Western world. This collection of erotic short stories is rife with sensual encounters, domineering story lines and seemingly innocent exploration. For the avid reader of unpredictable, mischievous erotica, The Erogenous Scripts incorporates every scenario imaginable. A submissive businessman finds himself in a spontaneous encounter, and what would you do to get out of a speeding ticket? The steamy, descriptive nature of the stories you are about to read gives new light into the seemingly endless possibilities of erotic literature.


The winning authors featured within The Erogenous Scripts – A Collection of Erotic Short Stories can be viewed on our Facebook page. 

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