Severance Publications Meets Writer Gemma Harenburg


A look in to the life of the multi-talented writer

It is seldom the case that those in the literature business will come across an author of full-length novels, poetry, speeches, scripts and adverts, who for the most part seems to have stayed within the shadows of the industry. However, upon meeting the young, accomplished and ambitious multi-talented writer Gemma Harenburg, it would appear that the above credentials were merely the tip of the ice burg.

In previous years, Gemma has utilised her passion for poetic writing and taken it to the classrooms. It is certainly unsurprising that industry exposure and recognition for poets is in rapid decline. On the knowledge of this, during her college days Gemma organised a poetry event for disadvantaged children.

Gemma Harenburg Writer

The student services advisor was quick to notice the young writer’s potential, utilising a tree type collage on the wall in which her poetic work was presented. On National Poetry Day, it would appear that Gemma’s work had struck the awe of inspiration in her fellow college students; many of whom added their own unpublished work to the tree collage to appear among her own. 

In recent months, Gemma has continued to utilise her multi-themed literature talents as an UpWork freelancer having produced speeches on eating disorders, short scripts for advertisements and image annotations. Gemma is currently preparing for her next commission; writing a children’s story for her current client, to be featured in a collective work.

Naturally, it doesn’t end there for Gemma. She, like many other young, determined writers, has her vision for the future set out. Aside from her commissions, Gemma is working to produce an anthology of her poetic works, and produce an official full length novel on a global scale.

Gemma Harenburg can be found across a variety of social media sites, as well as her UpWork page listed below. You can check out some of Gemma’s five star reviews from some satisfied clients.