Erotica Competition 2016 – Searching for Diversity

Submissions open for Erotica Competition

As the marketing of sexually conducted erotica seemed to move forward with the times, naturally, it seems only fitting that we at Severance Publications offer the opportunity; and hold an erotica competition for the undiscovered erotica writer to boom into fruition.

A quick look at the erotica market today will soon inform you that for the most part, it mostly boasts a form of sexual bias. Many modern erotica novels and stories exert the protagonist as the authoritative, dominant; leading the reader to subversively place themselves in the position of the submissive. Whilst this is most certainly culturally relative, we believe fundamentally that through a realistically constructed erotica competition, we can create an anthology of erotica stories we feel the market currently lacks: important attributes of diverse story lines and gender neutral characters. A link to the erotica competition can be found at the end of the article. 

Upon first thought, this may well seem unorthodox; though as the market for erotica stories continues to evolve, demands for adaptation and diversity will certainly take centre court. With that being said, the Severance Publications erotica competition is open as wide as possible. With an erotica anthology featuring a collection of short stories, the impact of such diverse story lines in one book is a much needed spin on an otherwise predictable market.

Erotica Competition

As stated on the relevant page of our site, our erotica competition allows each entrant to submit up to ten entries. The top ten will be chosen to feature in our anthology of erotica stories. The overall winner will feature first, as well as claiming a £50.00 cash prize. Just like our previous successful release ‘Homicide Lullabies’, our anthology of erotica stories will be made available in eBook and Paperback format across a wide range of sales channels in the US and UK. This, of course, comes alongside our modern platform marketing which incorporates the perfect synergy to appeal to the eager erotica reader.

In respect to finding the perfect pool of diverse writers, hosting an erotica competition remains a preference. At Severance, the erotica competition judged on a variety of merits: The writer’s ability to portray an evocative, realistic story line; as well as the writer’s affluence for passion within the work itself. We eagerly await your submission to our erotica competition, and in providing the marketplace with another first of its kind; a collection of erotica short stories.

Submissions are welcomed across a spectrum of erotica themes; you may enter our erotica competition below.

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