Severance Publications To Release ‘Homicide Lullabies’ in 2016

Homicide Lullabies Anthology To Feature Western Horror Writers

In early 2016, Severance Publications are set to release the highly anticipated horror anthology ‘Homicide Lullabies: A Collection Of Adult Horror Stories’. The production of Homicide Lullabies consisted primarily of seeking online submissions from writers across the western hemisphere in order to decipher horror stories with strong literary merit.

Short Horror Stories were chosen based on the author’s ability to paint a vivid picture with words, as well as those who were unafraid to delve in to the chaotic, psychological burdens that the horror genre has to offer. It was always the intention of Severance Publications to deliver a collection of adult horror stories with a variety of plot twists and engaging content. 

Homicide Lullabies - Horror Stories

The winners of our Horror Short Story Competitions featuring in Homicide Lullabies, are listed below:

– Steven Shorter

– Stephen Wade

– Steven Deighan

– Benjamin Winnick

– Derrick Smith

– Robert Kostanczuk

Homicide Lullabies will be available to purchase in the US and UK between January and February 2016. We thank each and everyone of you for your interest in this competition. There will of course be alternative and new publishing opportunities in 2016 courtesy of Severance Publications, as well as the second round of Short Horror Story competitions. We look forward to reading the work of the next batch of writers across a range of themes.

Homicide Lullabies will be made available across a range of e-commerce channels, as well as becoming accessible to Libraries, Retailers and Distributors. Updates on this will be made available in 2016. Below is the blurb to ‘Homicide Lullabies: A Collection of Adult Horror Stories’

‘A shroud of mystique haunts the tales inside Homicide Lullabies, as we have forged together an anthology shrieking with obscurity. With daunting themes from psychological dissociation, to the mysterious pathways found in the strangest of places.

Featuring writers from across the western world, Homicide Lullabies incorporates a broad segment of nightmarish tales with crippling plot twists and harrowing cliff- hangers.

The avid horror reader may read on with caution, though this is certainly not for children, or those with an evident fear of the dark or unknown.

When the sun sets and you find yourself alone, Homicide Lullabies is guaranteed to captivate and enthrall, not to mention leaving you with a hunger for more editions of adult horror stories which we will bring to you in the near future.’